Mäta innovationsförmåga i verksamheten
Verktyget ger dig en nulägesbild av verksamhetens förmåga att implementera innovativa arbetssätt.

Organizations need to know how prepared they are to support and nurture innovation. We’ve iterated on our Innovation Readiness Assessment Tool to include some of our latest insights.

The Innovation Readiness tool focuses on three areas:

  1. Leadership Support — assesses strategic alignment, resource allocation and the business portfolio.
  2. Organization Design — focuses on team empowerment, access to resources and the incentive system for innovation.
  3. Innovation Practice — measures the tools, processes and skills training to support innovation. We initially created the self assessment tool to help organizations learn from each other. The main focus is on assessing how successful a company is at innovating consistently — rather than running one-off innovation projects.



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